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You have entered a secure web site for Attorney Robert Clark. If you are not authorized by Mr. Clark to be on this web site, you must leave now. All IP addresses are logged for illegal access.

All information contained in and gathered in the secure area of this web site is protected by confidentiality laws of the Family Court System in South Carolina. Any unlawful use or dissemination of information is a criminal offense.

The information you provide in this web-encrypted, secure area is held in strict confidence and to be used only for the purposes of your current family court case involving a custody dispute.

All information provided to the Guardian ad Litem is discoverable by other parties to the lawsuit and by the Court. If you have any concerns about the information sought in this web site, please contact your attorney before answering.

IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you are COMPLETELY HONEST in your answers to ALL questions contained on this site. The GAL is a neutral party that represents the best interests of your child(ren) in a custody or visitation dispute. Please answer all questions fully and honestly, even if the question is limited or narrow in scope.

When a parent contests the issue of custody and visitation in a court action in family court, the court appoints a Guardian ad Litem to represent the best interest of the minor child(ren). In order to fully investigate all of the issues concerning custody and visitation, the Guardian must have access, by consent of the parties or by court order, to a great deal of your personal information. Please understand that all information is held in strict confidence by the Guardian ad Litem and may only be used for the purposes of your current custody litigation in family court.

Therefore, please indicate if you consent to the Guardian obtaining the following information to include records and verbal or written references about you or your child(ren):

  1. Educational Records
  2. Medical Records
  3. Psychological Records
  4. Employer Records
  5. Criminal Records
  6. Driver’s Records
  7. Credit Reports
  8. Relatives
  9. Neighbors
  10. Friends

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